Blog Post #5: Feminism & Mediated Public Sphere

Good day everybody! Welcome back to my blog. It has been 2 weeks since the last post. My family managed to get tickets for national day, and it was very good. The weather was perfect that day. The fall of the red lion was a bit scary though. Thankfully he is fine.

Had a good time celebrating National Day, and had a good break.

Anyways, on to the actual post.


So, what is Feminism?

According to many, feminism is about achieving equal rights and opportunities for all genders. Women with different types of experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths, should all be respected (What Is Feminism?, n.d.). Men and women should be getting the same opportunities in life. Women should not be deemed as a lesser gender as compared to men. There have been many accounts by women where they have been mistreated, treated unfairly or discriminated because of the fact that they are female. Let us visit some examples.

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

In the workplace, there are many ways biasness comes into place. Discrimination by customers or suppliers, biasness in networking, gender is also a consideration during promotions. Some say that places do not hire females because of the chances that they could get pregnant. Pregnancy could lead to drop in efficiency as they would not be working.


Some people view girls as a product. They only want to date or be with a girl during her prime time. This makes it seem like there is an expiration date for women. When a lady gets married and starts bearing children, her value drops. This is wrong as women are not products with an expiration date. You do not value people based on how attractive you think of them.

As seen in the pictures, my group and I came up with a “poster” where the women are seen as a product that can be bought at a supermarket. We put the word “SALE” there to make it seem like the value is dropping due to the fact that the lady is getting married and is past her prime

At the end of the day, women are still facing many issues in this day and age, be it at the workplace or socially. There is still a long way to go until women and men are equal, but I feel that recognizing the issue is a step forward.

Mediated Public Sphere

What is a Public Sphere

Social media has became a prominent medium for people to voice their opinions, and for others to discuss. Social media has a lot of power. A simple tweet can easily cause an uproar, influence political discussion, or garner media coverage (Reyes, n.d.).

There are many other social media applications that allow for discussion. Some other examples would be Reddit or just the comment section of any media related content.

A public sphere is a “place” where people can come together to discuss things. The topics talked about are usually about societal issues. In the past, a public sphere was usually made up of rich white men. Nowadays, a public sphere is easier to come by, and much more accessible to the general public, which was what a public sphere was meant to be.

Ultimately, the concept of public sphere has came a long way, and slowly but surely, it is getting more inclusive, and nearly everybody has a say now.

That is all for today! Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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4 responses to “Blog Post #5: Feminism & Mediated Public Sphere”

  1. Hello Ernest! Seems like you had quite the National Day! I agree that in the workplace, there seems to be discrimination and unfairness, where pregnant women are less likely to be hired into a company because of the maternity leave which tends to be a long period for the company. But I feel there might be a misconception that a lot of employers have about post-partum, and because of the misconception, it may discourage women from actually rejoining the workforce.

    Though social media has its own sets of policies and regulations, there are just some comments that are in the grey area that media platforms do not deem as sensitive or offensive enough. I agree that sometimes social media being a public sphere can be out of hand as there may be some offensive and sensitive comments and discussions. But in retrospect, I think a variety of discussions with colourful language may help us to evaluate the problem. It’s like collecting data for research!

    I enjoyed reading this post! Thank you for writing it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ernest! It seems really fun and meaningful that you get to celebrate National Day live! I hope I get the chance next year 🙂
    To start off, I really like your group’s artwork on feminism, it’s interesting that you used the plastic package that comes with an expiry date to portray women. I agree with your stand that women are still treated as “products”, thus it is important people start to acknowledge the issue and make small steps to abolish stereotypes about women.

    Additionally, it is true that today’s public sphere is more accessible and open. In a way, most people are able to voice their opinions easily regardless of their background. Even if that is so, we should be wary of what we say especially on sensitive topics so that we do not cause hurt or unnecessary tensions in the community.

    I enjoyed reading your post 🙂
    See you in class!

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  3. Hi Ernest!

    Glad to know that you managed to get tickets to this year NDP and that you have enjoyed it!

    I feel that it is unfair to discriminate against women in the workplace, especially just because they are pregnant, as pregnancy is part and parcel of life, and tbh the people who are discriminating against them wouldn’t be on this earth if it wouldn’t be for their mothers giving birth to them in the first place…

    I like how you mentioned that “You do not value people based on how attractive you think of them”, as inner beauty or worth is what truly matters, and we shouldn’t be judging a woman’s (person) value based on their looks. And how the first step towards changing such an issue is recognising it and making a collective effort as a society to change it.

    And a platform on which we can promote such changes can be through the modern public sphere, like Twitter, as different people can come together to voice their opinions, especially how influential people like Politicians or Actors can easily express their opinions online, and it will go viral instantly.

    Thanks for the interesting read!

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  4. Hi Ernest! Glad to see that you had fun on National Day! It was definitely fun working with you on this project. Now that you have brought it up, I remembered hearing one of my ex-colleague who is in charge of looking for new employees saying that they prefer to employ men. The reason was exactly what you have mentioned – due to chances of pregnancy which may affect workplace efficiency. :/

    It is quite impressive seeing how the public sphere has changed in terms of who can be involved in political and social debates. However, with more people having the rights to voice out their personal take on a matter, this wouldn’t necessarily be better.

    It has been an enjoyable read! See you in school! 🙂

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